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Breanna. 20. Folk Music/Lifestyle Enthusiast. Musician. Music Major. Concert Junkie. Lonely Loner. Rambling. Honorary Bro. I have no clue what I'm doing with my life but I'm trying my best.

"You shall love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart."

My wonderful day at the Loop Ice Carnival with my sister. They had $1000 worth of $1 coins frozen into ice cubes at stores, and 2000 chocolate coins in ice cubes. We both got 8 chocolate coins each and we each pulled a $1 coin. Success!

If you got 12 tattoos from the select stores, you got a free penguin doll. I named mine Gunter. (Adventure Time, anyone?)

We got yummy Chicago-style pizza, and we went to Jilly’s cupcakes.

I’d call today pretty awesome.

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